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Computer Basics course

Computer Basics course

Course at a glance

  • Date : 01 November 2020 - 01 May 2021
  • Last Date of Registration : 05 November 2020
  • Total Hours : 36
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 36
  • Class Schedule : 10am to 5pm
  • Venue : It-theory,jannat villa

Price: TK. 3500.00


About The Course

 It-theory, a leading IT training institute in Barishal, has set its eye on providing the necessary support to individuals who want to exploit the opportunity and make their mark in their career by gaining computer skills .

Our computer basics course will not only enable you to have a good understanding of the fundamentals of computer besic but also generate a strategy for career growth.

What you'll learn

  • Install and Uninstall Application software like Microsoft Office, Bijoy, CC Cleaner, Winrar, PDF, Flash Player, etc. Run setup program

  • Install and Uninstall Application software like Open Office, Flash Player, etc.

  • Install, Configure and maintain Printer Install, Configure and maintain Scanner Install, Configure and maintain Modem

  • Troubleshoot Video and Display devices Troubleshoot Hard drives Troubleshoot Printers, Scanners Troubleshoot Modem

  • Identify the different components of MS Word program.Select Text using mouse / keyboard Edit text as per requirement

  • Format Text / Paragraph. Practice typing using “Type Tutor”

  • Save a new document in a specific folder,Open the previously saved document Practice with save and save as option Compose sample English document

  • Insert Picture from ClipArt, Image File, WordArt, Shape in a created document.

  • Compose Bangla/English document Install and work with specialized Bangla Typing software

  • Insert AutoShape, TextBox, Bookmarks & Hyperlink (Internal & External Hyperlink),comments, caption, index & tables files in a document.

  • Use Bullet & Numbers, Borders & shape as per requirement.Create Watermark, Drop cap, Change Cases, style of paragraphs & text and use Auto Foratting in a document.

  • Use AutoSave, AutoCorrect Options and other options of tools menu.

  • Work with Mail Merge Wizard.Create Primary or main document, and secondary document (Add/Remove Fields, Get data or Fill up the forms) Merge Documents in accordance to task assigned Print Document, create & print Envelopes, and create & print labels in a document.

  • Configure Paper size, Margins, Gutters, Paper Orientation, Mirror Margin for printing a document.Print entire document or selective pages, or selective portion of the document as needed.

  • Use shortcut keys in MS Word.

  • Identify the different components of spreadsheet program Identify Rows, Columns, Cells and range Move cursor upward, downward, left, right, last cell, last column, last row, first cell, first row, first column

  • Use page setup options. Apply different options/operations of edit menu in a spreadsheet file (Cut, Copy, Paste,Paste Special, Fill, Clear)

  • Use various operations of find and replace in spreadsheet file in accordance to task assigned.Use Hide or show options for row/column when required and zoom the sheet.

  • Insert AutoText and Custom Text as Header and Footer, Rows, Columns, Worksheets,symbols, Comments, Page Breaks, Copied Cells, Picture from ClipArt & Image in spreadsheet file in accordance to task assigned.

  • Format Rows & Columns, format Cells with Number on task necessity Practice Decimal place setting and style of Negative figures.Format Cells for Alignment, Merge, and Fonts.

  • Practice Mathematical Functions- Abs(), Sum(), SUMIF(), CEILING(), FLOOR(), MOD(),POWER(), RANK(), COUNT(), MAX(), MIN(), etc.Practice cell reference (Absolute & Relative).Logical Functions- AND(), OR(), IF(), TRUE, FALSE, etc.Date & Time Functions- Now(), Today(), DAYS360(), HOUR(), MINUTE(), etc.

  • Create a salary sheet and prepare, sort by name/by salary/by date and also check for Spelling & Grammatical Error.

  • Set Page Orientation, Paper Size, Scaling, Margins, print Titles to the center of the page,set printer as default Print a hardcopy of entire Book, entire Worksheet, or selective pages of a Worksheet from MS Excel.Understanding Print Area and Clear Print Area under file menu.

  • Identify the different components of MS PowerPoint Program.

  • Design templates, color schemes, animation schemes.Add/delete slides in the presentation in accordance with the necessity.Create a template using slide master.

  • Add Pictures, graphs, charts and other objects into slides as per requirements.Animate Text and other objects are in a very attractive way or motion.

  • Execute Slide transitions in accordance with the theme of the subject matter of the

  • presentation.Use Sound effects and custom path of animation effects in the presentation.Add Video Clips.

  • View Slides of PowerPoint presentation in a different way (for example outlining, slide shorter, etc.)Reorder Slides of PowerPoint presentation on the outline Tab in accordance with the necessity.

  • Preview a presentation and print from MS PowerPoint.

  • Customized a slide show setup for a particular audience.Set up a slide show, Rehashing and timing a of a presentation.Review and adjust Slide timing as per requirement.

  • Present a SlideShow.

  • Create an Email account (on yahoo, hotmail, etc.) for the first time.Check, compose, send and reply to e-mail message.Attach a file to an e-mail message and open an attached file.

  • Set-up an Email account first time using outlook.Check, compose, send and reply to an e-mail message by Outlook.Attach a file to an e-mail message and open an attached file by Outlook.

  • Use contact/address book.Backup Outlook files.

  • Delete a message temporarily and permanently.Clean up mail box by managing junk e-mail.Email Sorting

  • Move messages to another folder.Create custom Folders to store custom emails.Creating Rules to manage automatic email folder arrangements in Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo,etc.

Software Taught

  • Windows OS.

  • Microsoft office

    • Microsoft office word

    • Microsoft office powerpoint.

    • Microsoft office excel.

    • Microsoft office outlook.

    • Microsoft Onedrive

    • Microsoft Outlook

  • Google office suit

    • Google docs

    • Google spreadsheet.

    • Google Slides

    • Google Drive

    • Gmail


Duration: 3 Months

Total Class - 100 hours

(2 hours a Day, 3Days in a Week)


IT Theory


01 November 2020


6 / 50




John Doe

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